By Deirdre McKenzie

No.8 wire and keto!

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Welcome to my first No.8 wire keto post where I will explain what keto is, why you might want to consider keto, the history of No.8 wire culture in NZ and how it relates to the approach I will take with this website and what you can expect from here on in.

This is only the start of the journey and you all have to start somewhere. This post should help you make a decision about whether keto is your thing or not. If it is stay tuned for more posts including some quick easy keto meals for you to include in your new way of life.

I will add a post shortly about setting goals and one of the frameworks I use to help me set and achieve a goal. I believe this will be of huge benefit for those of you who decide, after reading this post, to start a keto way of life. Goal setting is really key to outline what you want to achieve, mapping out how you might get there and setting yourself and end point. I will discuss how to get yourself back on track if you come off the rails and how to celebrate every milestone and the overall success of reaching your end goal.


Keto is short for ketosis and ketosis is a metabolic state the body enters when it is depleted for carbohydrates and starts using its fat stores. It is achieved by a low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) approach to eating and often dramatic weight loss is achieved in a very short period.

Eating a low carbohydrate high fat way of life doesn’t feel natural initially especially when eating low fat has been ingrained into us for such a long time. There is a phase the body and mind have to go through to adjust and this is called keto flu, which I will talk about in more detail in another post.

They key to maintaining a keto way of life is to make things easy and healthy, cook quick easy keto meals and use good fats versus bad fats, do your research yourself or stay connected with me and my posts and most importantly, stay focused. I hope you noticed I call this a way of life and not a diet, it isn’t something that you should want quick results from only to return to your old way of living. I recommend some commitment and I will do my best to provide you with the tools that will help you do just that.

Why Keto?

There are many stated benefits of living a keto way of life and there are some dangers. If you are unsure of whether you should start a keto way of life you should most definitely have a chat with your doctor before proceeding.

Benefits of keto are listed below but this list is by no means exhaustive:

– Dramatic weight loss

– More energy

– Healthy skin and hair

– Improves blood sugar levels in diabetics

– Cholesterol levels are known to increase then drop

Dangers of keto are listed below but again this list is by no means exhaustive:

– Dramatic weight loss

– Keto flu

– Lack of mental clarity

– Bad breath

– Raised cholesterol

No.8 wire

“Just grab that bit of No.8 wire” dad would say as we were fixing the fence again to stop the horse from escaping. He would darn that hole like you would a sock and it worked a treat. No.8 wire is 8 gauge fencing wire and paired with a “four-by-two” a four in wide, two inches thick piece of timber you have yourself the start of a fence. Every farmer would carry some No.8 wire with them on their daily trip around the farm to quickly tie gates that had been knocked off their hinges and for many, many other fixer uppers that were needed

No.8 wire approach soon started to be used to explain a New Zealander’s mysterious quality known as “kiwi ingenuity” which means being able to fix and invent things with limited resources. Often farmers were a long way away from town and a store to purchase the absolutely fit for purpose part or item and that is what forced them to look for alternative items in the farm shed. Everything had a primary purpose and a secondary purpose!

The No.8 wire approach or “kiwi ingenuity” as it’s otherwise known has resulted in New Zealand being home to some very well-known inventors. Timaru man, Richard Pearse, apparently flew his homemade aircraft before the Wright Brothers. And Earnest Rutherford was the pioneer of atomic physics.

Bill Gallager invented the electric fence to stop his horse from scratching itself on the family car.

W.F. Hamilton developed the now famous jet boat in the 1950s for use in shallow waters and still used by Shotover Jet in Queenstown and finally the late John Britten who developed the V1000 motorbike which is on display at Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand.

Why No. 8 wire & keto?

I don’t have much time and, to be absolutely honest, I don’t have much of an attention span in the kitchen so in order to follow a diet/change my way of life it needs to be relatively easy otherwise I simply won’t stay the course. No.8 wire keto is all about creating quick easy keto meals that keep you on track, that won’t break the bank or force you to empty the pantry before you start. I want to be able to share those with you and make keto easy.

I also want to keep you up to date with new breakthroughs, new information, tips and tricks and everything you need to know about making the choice to go keto with ease. Kiwiketo will do the research for you and you can visit my blog, see the latest posts and most importantly use them yourselves.

Where to from here?

Keep an eye on my blog, my recipes and my Instagram account and if you like what you see and think keto is for you let’s take this journey together.